A Safe and healthy gift from the river,
grown in the vanadium-rich spring water at the foot of Mt.Fuji

“Kakishima Trout Farm Fuji-San Salmon” and “Baby Salmon” are rainbow trout grown in Inokashira spring water and the fresh water from Shibakawa river. The Inokashira spring water is famous for being rich in vanadium.

Thanks to blessing of the water from the World Heritage Site, Mt. Fuji, we can achieve a stable supply of fish at a stable price

We cultivate fish using the vanadium rich spring water from Mt. Fuji. The water temperature is a stable 11 degrees centigrade throughout the year. Thanks to this environment, we can achieve a stable supply (produce) and stable price.

We produce safe and healthy meat

Cultivated in safe and secure fresh water, “Kakishima Trout Farm Fuji-San Salmon” are free of the problems like heavy metals and parasites. They have firm texture / density, strong sweetness, and a rich, elegant taste. The most distinctive feature is lean meat. We don’t try to produce fatty meat artificially. We give priority to protein over fat.

Along with dried bonito shavings made from stained draft of “Dashi”, the Japanese soup stock, we sample all of our selected ingredients and produce bait focusing on ground dried fish. We’ve continued this effort since our establishment.

In addition to good quality protein, vitamins, and calcium, this low-calorie nutritious diet is rich in DHA (which reduces bad cholesterol) and EPA (which decreases neutral fat and prevents arteriosclerosis.) This is why our fish can be used for various recipes.